Flexibility and knowledge of gear technology are distinctive to Artec Machine Systems. The basis of Artec Machine's knowledge and know-how is routinely derived from Original Maag Zurich technology.

We exercise a creative approach towards identifying the best solutions and addressing specific technical needs of our clients.

Our goal is the constant development of products with a higher level of functional and quality parameters. We propose optimal solutions on the basis of existing expertise in every application. Artec engineers, design and manufacturing partners can concept and design virtually any gearbox for any purpose. Advanced design resource capability such as rotor dynamics studies and Finite Element Analysis establishes our position as one of the truly "complete" transmission suppliers.

Artec Machine Systems

Artec combines past experience with forwarding thinking to provide the exact product our customers require:

  • Epicyclic Gear Drives
  • Mill Gear Drive Systems
  • Marine transmissions
  • Turbine reduction/increaser gears
  • Compounding gearboxes - combine two or more prime movers into one output
  • Multicom Gears - multiple input/output drives
  • Custom Design Services
  • Rotor Dynamic Studies

For Existing Installations:

Have your gear system analyzed by specialists to establish the causes of damage and to identify weaknesses! With Artec specialist's wide-ranging know-how scope for improvement can be detected and utilized in almost any gear system.

A retrospective dimensioning check performed by modern calculation software is the starting point for determining the weaknesses of the existing design and working out measures for improvement. Quite often relatively minor changes in design open the way to considerably higher levels of performance. Instead of a complete replacement by a more powerful type of gear system, professional re-engineering and a gear system upgrade often add up to a more cost-effective solution.

Artec engineers will gladly aid you in making the most of your gear systems' potential.

Thrust collar pinion assembly

Thrust collar pinion assembly

High‐speed multicom gear

High‐speed multicom gear

Building a 72,000 Horsepower Gear Set

Custom gearbox design

Photo: Artec Custom Gearbox unit ready for delivery

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