Kissling Gears

Kissling Gears

Gear reducers for winter sports, aerial and surface lifts.

Kissling product portfolio at a glance

Kissling gears are used in a wide variety of applications:

Ropeways and ski lifts, cement industry, food industry, turbo machinery, amusement park installations, test benches, paper industry, chemical industry, mills, power plants, vehicle manufacturing, sand and gravel industry, waste incinerators, water treatment plants, plastics, textile industries and more.

Ropeway gear units for the following

  • Detachable ropeways
  • Fixed-grip ropeways
  • Aerial ropeways
  • Surface Lifts
  • Cable transport systems

Product line also includes drive components associated with gearboxes, such as auxiliary drives for passenger evacuation, stand-by drives for continued operation in the event of a power failure, tubes for mounting bull wheels independently from the gearbox, and disk brakes.

Special gear units for many uses:

Kissling Standard gears, spur/staight bevel gears

Output 0.1 to 110kW
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C (-60° to +180°C available on request)
Types U, TU, St, RU, RTU, RSt
Efficiency Ratio 90% to 98%
Planetary gear units for large torque applications
Torque 300 to 2,000 kNm (nominal torque) (other torques available on request)
u-type gearbox

U-type geared motor

Spur | Straight bevel | Narrow gear units

Output 1.2 to 2,500 kW (larger outputs available upon request)
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C (-60° to +180°C available on request)
Types D, ZD, T, ZT, KT, ZKT, KE, ZKE, KD, ZKD
Efficiency Ratio 92% to 98%
parallel shaft spur gear

T-400 parallel-shaft spur gear unit by Kissling

narrow gear unit

ZKE-135 narrow gear unit.

Kissling Planetary gear units

Output class 0.1 to 110kW
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C (-60° to +180°C available on request)
Types P, RP, VP, RVP
Efficiency Ratio 90% to 97%
Planetary gear units for large torque applications
Torque 300 to 2,000 kNm (nominal torque) (other torques available on request)
planetary gear unit

RVP-1215 planetary gear unit

Kissling Special gear units for amusement parks | Output up to 9 MW

hydraulic twin motor drive axle

16 hydraulic twin and 8 single motors each with 2.4 or 1.2 kNm respectively transfer the acceleration energy needed via 16 pinion shafts to a common drive axle.

roller coaster gearbox

Extreme – at more than 200 km/h to a height of 138 m

Kissling Ropeway gear units

Torque Range: 120kNm to 570kNm
bevel planetary gearbox

PK 560.1/SB-750 Bevel planetary gear unit

kissling gearbox sales

Drive package for large gondola

switch gear unit

The SB-750-M switch gear unit is designed to produce an output of 250 kW per shaft and permits the parallel operation of 2 motors. The KISSLING straight bevel gear unit picks up the 500 kW and transfers the output at a gear reduction ratio of 1 : 27.39..

planetary gearbox unit

PK-120 planetary gear unit

Kissling Work gear units (customized)

Output 0.1 to 30kW
Gear reduction ratio: 10:1 to 70:1
Efficiency Ratio 0.65 to 0.88
worm gear

Worm gear unit with welded steel housing for heavy-duty applications

Supplier of ATEX drive solutions

Gear units as per ATEX (Explosive atmospheres): ATEX-compliant models for chemicals, mining construction, industry

spur gear unit

VD-290 LEM spur gear unit with ATEX certificate

ropeway gears bridge drive

Drive train of ropeway bridge drive.

Operational reliability throughout the lifetime of the installation. Or even longer.

L. Kissling & Co. AG is the leading manufacturer in the world of gear-reducers for all ropeway-systems, such as aerial tramways, funicular’s, gondola-lifts, chairlifts, and T-bars. This is not purely by luck. Where quality is involved, Kissling does not make any compromise, neither in design nor in production nor in customer service.

Kissling ski lift gearbox repair

VKDSO-1100, capacity 350 kW

kissling ski lift gearbox service

PK-210 gearbox, capacity 470 kW - From 10 kNm up to 800 kNm.

kissling gearbox maintenance

Capacity 350 kW

Safety and quality have top priority.

  • Bevel-Planetary gear-reducers
  • Bevel-helical gear-reducers
  • Special gear-reducers

We also manufacture the following products:

  • Emergency drives for evacuation of passengers in case of break-down
  • Stand-By Drives to continue full operation in case of power failure
  • Hollow axles for a bull-wheel-arrangement independent of the reducer
  • Disengageable coupling for the bull-wheel

All the components of each gear-reducer are composed of the assembly according to the customer’s specifications. Flexibility has for Kissling a high priority if there are special technical requirements. This is why Kissling enjoys the same good reputation as it did since the very beginning.

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