RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes

RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes

Artec Machine services all RENK-MAAG Industrial Gearboxes and High-Speed Turbo Gears. (GmbH)

RENK-MAAG Turbo Gearboxes and its applications. :

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Energy recovery
  • Centrifugal compressors
  • Axial compressors
  • Generators
  • Pumps

Parallel shaft gearboxes of RENK-MAAG

Artec Machine offers field Inspection & Overhaul Services, New Gear Sales and Spare Parts (includes original MAAG Gear spares of Turbo and Marine Units) of All RENK-MAAG INDUSTRIAL GEARBOXES

Parallel shaft gearboxes of RENK-MAAG are designed and manufactured In accordance with the latest technical standards (AGMA, API, ISO other standards or special designs upon request) and are based on1 proven MAAG technology.

Experience and Technology More than 100 years of gear manufacturing experience. Close collaboration with our customers and constant involvement in their many and varied requirements has kept us at the leading edge technology and competitive in terms of price, quality, and performance. Down through all these years, the experience and new technical know-how gained have been immediately applied to our designs. This has led to custom-made high-performance gearboxes that give enduring service all over the world.

Free standing design

  • G type with steel casing for an extremely rigid construction.
  • GB type with cast iron casing, high rigidity with a standardized center distance
  • RENK-MAAG cylindrical sleeve bearings or tilting pad bearings


Design Details

Tooth Modifications

Gears and pinions under load exhibit elastic deflections and their temperatures are raised unevenly. Deformations and thermal expansion impair tooth engagement. The tooth flanks are therefore modified during grinding to optimize load distribution at all loads and speeds, especially at rated load and speed. Compensation for thermal effects is absolutely vital for hlgt1 speed applications and especially for single helical gears essential. This is one of the strengths of RENK-MAAG.

Journal Bearings

Pressure-lubricated two, three or four-lobe bearings provide excellent load capacity and journal stability. Gears which operate at extreme velocities me equipped with direct lubricated tilting pad bearings. The MAAG pad principle is designed to reduce power losses while providing excellent stability at high circumferential speeds (up to 140 m/s). Additional features help to reduce babbitt temperature (it requested).

Thrust Bearings

Standard tilling pad thrust bearings with direct lubrication can be provided if required.

  • Thrust Cones/Thrust Collars.
  • The thrust faces are slightly cone-shaped, surface-hardened and ground. They are lubricated with oil from the meshing teeth.

Geared Systems


Standard instrumentation includes:


  • Thermocouples or RTD's on each radial bearing (2 each)
  • Thermocouples or RTD's on each thrust bearing, loaded and unloaded side (active/inactive side)
  • Provisions for mounting two shaft vibration probes (90° apart) on each shaft (Input/output side)
  • Provisions on the casing for mounting two accelerometers if requested
  • Other provisions according to customer requirements
  • Keyphaser if requested.


Types of RENK-MAAG “G” gearboxes

RENK-MAAG'S range of parallel shaft gearboxes features a wide variability. The wheel and pinion can be offset horizontally or vertically. The gears are usually carburized, hardened and ground-spur gear, single helical or double helical. The sizing will be carried out in accordance with RENK-MAAG design criteria, or the AGMA, ISO or API standards to ensure the most compact design and legendary longevity. RENK-MAAG'S design incorporates lead modification accounting for bending, torsional and thermal deflection thus ensuring perfect tooth contact pattern in any load situation. The bearings ensure a high rotor dynamic stability with the least possible oil consumption and losses making the gearbox a high-performance product.


Rotor Turning Gear

A turning gear, also known as jacking gear, is needed to slowly turn steam or gas turbine trains during the heating or cooling phase, as well as for slow shutdown and in the event of maintenance work. Various sizes are available. These are comprised of an electrically driven right angle gearbox and an overrunning clutch.

  • Tailormade sizing in collaboration with specialized suppliers
  • Design developed by RENK-MAAG in line with specific requirements
  • Integrated into gearbox assembly
  • ATEX standard possible
Monitoring equipment

A full range of monitoring equipment is available to compliment the gearboxes. Items include integrated resistance thermometer assemblies, rev counters, oil pressure or temperature switches and other sensors. Conforming to the requirements of API 670 or other standards, radial, and axial vibration sensors can be installed at all bearings.

Shaft driven oil pump

Most commonly gearboxes operate with lube oil from a common system. Alternatively, shaft driven oil pumps can be integrated into the gearbox. Integrated Synchronous Clutch type MS possible (See products MAAG Synchronous Clutch Couplings)

HighSpeed Epicyclic Gears – full power in minimum space.

Highspeed epicyclic gears (planetary gears) can be built relatively small as the power is distributed over several meshes. This results In a high "power to weight ratio" and, together with lower pitch line velocity to a smaller gearbox. A simple, efficient principle when space and weight are at a premium, therefore plant construction costs can be reduced by the coaxial design. Epicyclic gears are available in the range of 1 to 45 MW.

Expanding skills and abilities based on decades of growing experience.

  • Applications
  • Compressor drive
  • Power generation
  • Pump Drives

Epicyclic gearboxes are used wherever train arrangements require that tile Input and the output shaft are arranged coaxially. An epicyclic gearbox is more compact and weighs less than a comparable parallel shaft gearbox. At transmission ratios above 1: 6, an epicyclic gearbox is usually a more cost-effective option.

RENK-MAAG epicyclic gearboxes are characterized by their simple and straightforward structure, which is made possible by the use of straight teeth witl1 hardened and precision-ground tooth flanks.

The effect of the torque forces evens load distribution from the sun gear to the planet gears. The straightforward design and the precise manufacturing ensure high operational reliability.

The RENK-MAAG Epicyclic concept has other advantages too. The reduction in overall length combined with the rigid coupling of the sun pinion and turbine rotor, which is possible on RENK-MAAG epicyclic gearboxes, reduces overall system costs.


Lowest vibrations and noise based on a gearset of the highest quality and adequate tolerances according to ISO 1328/AGMA 2015 accuracy grade or better.

  • Profile modification for smooth meshing
  • Lead modification for perfect tooth contact
  • Bearing optimized for high efficiency
  • Customized according to specifications
  • Precision ground for low vibrations
  • Case hardened for long service life
  • Legendary longevity
  • Lower OPEX


All RENK-MAAG gearboxes are according to DIN/ISO, AGMA or API (other norms or special design upon request). Ask also for RENK-MAAG gear couplings (such as automatically synchronizing, engaging on demand or completely dis-engageable).
1 RENK-MAAG develops and manufactures special gears for an enormously wide range of applications. The clear strength lies in the close technical cooperation with customers. A detailed specification and required gearbox design for optimum solutions are discussed and developed in person with the customer.
2 BPRT = Blast Furnace Power Recovery Turbine
3 SHRT = Sintering Heat Recovery Turbine

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