24 hour in-field industrial gearbox repair support for high-speed, epicyclic and planetary gears.

Emergency Repair - In-Field Repair Services Available Internationally

Since 1974, Artec Machine has been trusted for engineering design, parts, field repair and maintenance of all types of heavy gear systems. We service everything from mills to military propulsion systems. We are experienced with the field repair of heavy and high-speed gear systems, gearbox refurbishment, retrofits & upgrades as well as traditional scheduled maintenance. Our experienced design engineering group can perform complex repair and replacement, rotor balancing, refurbishments and rebuilds and more at our gearbox overhaul facility in Connecticut. Worldwide field service is available 24 hours a day.


Artec Machine is committed to creating strong lasting relationships that establish us as a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner for customers, suppliers, and employees. This commitment includes providing high—quality and high—value solutions, products and services that result in satisfied customers.
Artec shop workers performing industrial gearbox repair services

Specialists in the process of an overhaul at our facility in Branford, Connecticut.

Building a 72,000 Horsepower Gear Set

industrial gearbox repair services inspection reveals stress cracks

Micro inspection for cracks, fatigue, and stress fractures at CT facility.


Services Include:

Specializing in working on most types of large and heavy gear drive systems, including:

  • Epicyclic drive units
  • Planetary Gears
  • Parallel shaft
  • API-613 Compliant

Repair Services we offer in our shop:

  • Gearbox detail, inspection, and overhaul
  • Quality inspection and quality assurance
  • Custom Gearbox design
  • custom retrofits
  • Reverse engineering
  • Custom retrofits
  • Creative solutions-oriented upgrades
  • Dynamic Balancing of gear, rotor, and coupling
  • Sandblasting, Repainting and refinishing
  • Gearbox Refurbishment

Specialized Services

Latest News

23 Apr '20 Calculated Scuffing Risk: Correlating AGMA 925-A03, AGMA 6011-J14 and Original MAAG Gear Predictions

John Amendola, John Amendola III, and Robert Errichello

This paper relates specifically to gears that are finish ground and considered high speed per ANSI/AGMA 6011; meshing elements with PLVs (pitch line velocities) in excess of 35 m/s or rotational speeds greater than 4,500 rpm (Ref. 1). Current application standards by AGMA & ISO both provide methods for rating gears for macropitting and bending fatigue. However, neither have a standard to calculate scuffing risk. Both have provided documents; AGMA 925-A03 and ISO/TS 6336-20 (formally ISO/TR 13989-1) as informative suggestions to consider scuffing risk in gear design. Nevertheless, scuffing requires the same consideration as macropitting and bending in rating gears — especially in high-speed applications with high sliding velocities. Scuffing is not a fatigue phenomenon and may occur instantly, often during early stages of operation. This failure is directly related to the lubricant oil film, which does not adequately separate the surfaces. Figure 1 is a classic example of gear tooth scuffing.

16 Jul '19 Artec Machine Systems featured in GEAR Solutions Magazine

Gears are essential parts to the workings of countless machines, but when those machines are dependent on specifically designed gears, then service and repair can become a special niche.

For Artec Machine, servicing equipment furnished with specially engineered gearing is at the very heart of what the company does.

“We consider ourselves a leader on high-quality installations,” said John Amendola, CEO of Artec Machine. “We only work on engineered products. We don’t get involved much with commodity type gears. Gears that you can select out of a catalog, that’s not our business.”

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